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WDO Inspection

What is a WDO?
 WDO stands for "Wood Destroying Organisms" and includes everything from insect activity (termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, etc.) to wood damage due to water, fungi, and rot.

 A WDO inspection identifies those areas of visually detectable deficiency resulting from insect activity, wood rot, and/or fungal growth in the home being inspected.

Who can do WDO & Termite Inspections? Only those companies that are trained, state certified, state licensed, and meet state requirements in pest control and the field of chemical application can legally perform WDO & Termite Inspections. 

What is "full service"?
A full service pest control company will offer a wide variety of services & products, including but not limited to;
•WDO & Termite inspections,
•Monthly, seasonal, annual pest control service,
•Termite Bonds/Warranties; very important "insurance" against termite infestation and resulting damage.


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