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No matter where you live,  your home could be invaded by unwelcomed pests or termites. The region plays a strong role in which types of pests invade your home, but it's almost guaranteed that at some point, you could be a target. That's why pest prevention can be just as important as pest treatment. Keeping your home free of pests to begin with can be the most effective way to stay pest free. But even if you do experience an invasion, Priority Termite and Pest Soution can help you quickly and safely treat your home. So whether you're battling termites, ants, roaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasp, and much more or have a wildlife issue you can count on Priority Termite and Pest Solution to help you win the pest control battle.


The first step is calling Priority Termite and Pest Solution for a FREE home inspection and quote. This is a no-obligation quote and will help you understand what type of treatment or prevention services are necessary to protect your home.

Commercial Control

Priority Termite and Pest Solution has provided commercial treatments in Hillsborough, Polk, Pasco, and Manatee Counties with the most innovative and effective pest management service in the marketplace. Our environmentally responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices have helped businesses overcome even the most stubborn pest problems including flies, roaches and rodents. IPM is a proactive approach to pest management that incorporates monitoring, non-chemical and physical controls, communication and documentation, low impact chemical controls when appropriate and a supervised approach to maintain or achieve pest-free conditions.


At Priority Termite and Pest Solution we have a wealth of pest control experience in virtually all industries including health care, food processing, distributions, hospitality, education, commercial property management and more. We offer many services for businesses and commercial facilities.To see how we can develop a pest control program that best suits your companies needs and effectively resolve pest problems throughout your business or commercial facility, please contact us. We ensure you that our quality commercial pest management solutions will be an upgrade to your present service.

Residential Control

Priority Termite and Pest Solution uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest control that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. Our IPM programs use current, information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. Using this information, in combination with our available pest control methods, we are able to manage pest activity by the most economical means, with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.


Proactive Approach

Priority Termite and Pest Solution will visit your home for inspections and services more frequent than most other pest companies. This allows our technicians to stay on top of any potential issues before they become a problem in your home or business.


No Charge on Call Backs

If you need Priority Termite and Pest Solution to revisit your home between regularly scheduled services, there is no additional cost to your current pest plan.


Alternative Pest Programs

Priority Termite and Pest Solution can build a pest program around any special need or circumstance you may have. Just call today to find the best program for you.

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