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Construction Termite Treatments

Successful termite control starts before the first concrete slab is poured and before the first brick is laid. A Termite Pre-Treat is the first step to stopping termites from attacking a building by creating a complete barrier beneath the slab.
If you are currently building, or planning on building a new home or building in Hillsborough, Polk, Pasco, and Manatee County, contact us about the termite pre-treat process.  Whether it be traditional soil pre-treats with Termidor or direct wood treatments, Priority can help you achieve a goal that is both economical and effective.


What is a Termite PreTreat?

 Most structures in Florida are treated during the initial construction process. These preventative treatments are commonly referred to as pre-treatments or “pre-treats”.  They are mandated by county, municipal, and state agencies as part of the building process whenever the soil is disturbed.  At the end of construction, a termite post treatment is typically required to receive Certificate of Occupancy and  activate the owner’s Termite Bond & Protection plan.
A pre-treat creates a uniform barrier of termiticide between termites in the soil and cellulose or wooden components in the building. It is applied to the soil just before the builder pours the slab. Applications are typically made to areas under slabs, alongside the interior and exterior foundation walls, and around plumbing and other service utilities that will penetrate the slab. Pre-treats also include structures built adjacent to the foundation, such as pools, patios, porches, and sidewalks.

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